Stunt Fit Super Sweat Waist Trainer

Stunt Fit Super Sweat Waist Trainer

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Have you been waist training for some time? Do you need a suitable waist trainer for workout? Don’t go too far! Our rubber waist trainer is the best product for you. This product is designed with a latex, cotton and spandex packaged with features to burn down those calories, strengthen your core and posture.


• HIGHER COMPRESSION & ADJUSTABLE SIZE: This waist trainer is made of stretchy, comfortable and adjustable fabric which aids flexibility and durability. It also has a double-adjustment velcro straps which are easier to put on compared to massive hooks used waist trainers.
• MATERIAL: Latex, cotton and spandex. The spandex and latex fabrics are very elastic which makes the waist trainer such comfortable garments allowing you to stretch while working out without compromising your ability to breathe or move around properly. The latex material also provides a tighter grip around your body as compared to waist trainers of other materials.
• THICKNESS: It has a thicker density and more structured style. This is best suitable for you if you have been waist training for some time.
• KEEP CORRECT BODY POSTURE: The steel bones in back of the corset help with posture. Our waist trainer belt is stretchy in the right places and provides tons of support to your sides and back. If you have lower back issues, our waist trainer functions as a compression binder around the waist offering lumbar support, pain relief, and improved posture. Four reinforced acrylic bones encased in the rear canvas provide support for your back. Excellent for back support while working out or lifting heavyweight.
• SIZING: The latex waist trainer has a variety of sizes depending on what would suit you. If you look at the size chart, you’d see the size that will be perfect for you. Please take a picture before you start wearing it, and more pictures as you see your desired results. Don’t forget to tag us! If you noticed that your waist trainer is getting big, that’s great news! It’s time to go down a size. WE RECOMMEND GETTING A NEW ONE AND/OR SIZING DOWN AFTER 3-6 MONTHS.
• WEARING OCCASIONS: You can wear the rubber waist trainer to the office, club, party, gym, holiday, festival and more importantly, any occasion or daily life you want to be slimmer.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING LESS STRUCTURED, OR SOMETHING THAT PROMOTES LOTS OF SWEATING, THEN WE’D RECOMMEND THE WAIST TRIMMER. The difference between both is you can wear the waist trainer during the day when you’re not working out, and the waist trimmer is solely for working out and promotes sweating.